I'm Christa, a farm educator of 28 years and a business owner in love with her business. 

I created the Farm Educator's Roadmap as a resource to help you build and grow your own successful farm education business. 

Welcome to the Farm Educator's Roadmap

Are you working in farm education or want to be? Are you drawn to the land so deeply that you want to teach others about how to grow, raise, and create a life close to the land?

If so, you're in the right place!

Whether you're working on your own farm, or at a park or non-profit, we all benefit from learning from and sharing with each other.

I write curriculum and create programs. What do I want people to know? What experience do I want them to have? How can I get them there?

However you are involved in farm education, I hope the resources below are helpful to you. 

Teaching about farms feeds everyone involved!

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5 Simple Steps to Building an In-Demand Farm Education Program

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The Farm Educator's Roadmap

There are many paths to becoming a farm educator. Here are some tools to help guide you on your journey.



The 5 Simple Steps to Building an In-Demand Farm Education Program.


Make sure you have these 5 pieces in place to build a farm education program your clients won't be able to stop talking about. 


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Farm Educator's Roadmap Podcast
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Listen to interviews of those currently working in farm education, from small family farms to large non-profits, and everything in between. Each episode contains inspiration and insights into how others have turned their love of farming into successful programs that serve their communities while providing their income.


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Welcome to the community! Get inspired by other farm educators, share your wisdom, and get group guidance for your unique journey in farm education.


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For those who want a complete step-by-step process for building a farm education business!

The Farm Educator's Roadmap Course

Your complete guide to growing your new business
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* 6 In-depth Implementation Modules with worksheets and templates

* A step-by-step plan to creating your farm education business

* Proven marketing and customer service strategies

* A winning curriculum mapping formula


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We all need a farm connection.

We all eat. We all wear clothes. Our very lives depend on farms. In today's disconnected world, our communities need farm education more than ever! 

How can your programs make an impact on someone's life? How can you serve more people and have more meaningful connections? How can you programs be sustainable, and profitable, giving you and your staff a full quality of life?

Let's explore all these questions and more!


Farm education is a rewarding career.

In the country - AND in the city - farm educators can make a difference by connecting children with the living breathing stuff that makes up their world.

And farm programs can inspire adults to reconnect with the land, or to remember and share their farm experiences.

If you're just getting started in farm education, pop on over to our Facebook group and let the community know how we can help.

If you're an experienced educator, join the group and lend some advice. And consider sharing your story on our podcast!

Farm education is a beautiful way to make a living!



Following a Roadmap Makes the Journey Easier.

Pick an article to get actionable, momentum-building advice for building, growing, and running a successful farm-education program. 


How to Price your Program

Why Create a Traveling Education Business?

First Steps to Take when Considering an Outreach Business

Hey farm educators!

If you're anything like me, you love all things back-to-the-land. The dirt, the grit, the hard work and determination to always learn more about doing for yourself.

I've been a farm educator for 28 years, the last 13 of which I've built my own successful farm education business, Bring the Farm to You®.

I'd love to help you have the same level of success that I've had. I teach aspiring farm educators how to become entrepreneurs by creating, marketing, and launching their unique farm education programs, building a business of purpose and freedom. 


More about me

"Thank you for all you're doing to provide these experiences for children! In our current state of the world, our kids need these things more than ever."


Erica Wares, BrightPath Active Learning

"I had the pleasure of working with Bring the Farm to You®. I was blown away by the joy, memories, wonder, connection. Christa Hein, you are doing spiritual work!"

Marlene Metz

"Christa's programs are always wonderful! We learned so much from the resources provided. We are so grateful for all of the support."

Jill Chase

"Your newsletter is beautiful, your vision is beautiful, your writing is beautiful. What wondrous work you are doing in this community and cellular change you are creating - one soul at a time."

Becky Bogar